Karen Price

Where to Watch the Marathon on Sunday

by Karen Price
If you think running isn’t a spectator event, find a spot along the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon route on Sunday and you may change your mind. There’s the novelty of seeing major city roads that are typically jam-packed with cars. Read more

Charity Runner Profile: Joslyne Cook

by Karen Price
Because of her love of the parks and the impact they’ve had on her health and wellness, Joslyne Cook is raising money for the Allegheny County Parks Foundation through the Pittsburgh Marathon’s Run for a Reason charity program. The money raised will help go toward work on the North Park Lake Trail. Read more

Charity Runner Profile: Susan Banaszak-Catena

by Karen Price
Susan Banaszak-Catena has a deep connection to the the charity for which she’ll be running to raise money on May 7. For her son, who has autism, The Miracle League of South Hills has been a dream come true. Now she can give back to the organization that has made a difference in her son's life. Read more

The Pittsburgh 5K Run Is Helping One Woman Make a Comeback from a Bike Accident

by Karen Price
Deana Munoz works for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, but it wasn’t until she was injured in a bicycling accident last summer that she learned firsthand just how quickly life can turn and one can suddenly be in need of help. Read more

Jennifer Kanter's Race is All About Helping People in the Community

by Karen Price
This year, Jennifer Kanter is fundraising for Hair Peace Charities, a local organization that helps provide financial assistance to women and girls in Western Pennsylvania who are undergoing cancer treatment and seeking to purchase wigs Read more

Register for the Marathon

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