Karl Gruber

Karl Gruber has been a runner for 35+ years, and has logged over 50,000 miles of running. He has completed 78 marathons and 2 Half Iron Man triathlons. In 1996-’97, Gruber successfully ran and completed 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise money and awareness for leukemia research. He is the author of the book Running For Their Lives, and he continues to run on a daily basis for his health, wellbeing and sanity. 

Marathon Training Week 17: Putting in the necessary work

by Karl Gruber
You may be balancing a full-time job, a family and those “life issues” that pop up every now and then. Tack on training, which comes with a new level of soreness, fatigue and possible injuries, and all of a sudden you are on a roller coaster ride with your weekly mileage. How do you stay consistent? Read more

Marathon Training Week 16: How to Deal with Fatigue While Training

by Karl Gruber
Whether this is your first race or 25th, you cannot hide from fatigue. Because you are increasing your mileage, week after week, your body will start to pay the price. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Derek M. Hansen, states that there are three types of fatigue you must be aware of w Read more

Marathon Training Week 15: Pre-race & Race Day Prep

by Karl Gruber
One of the best ways to be prepared for race day is to make a pre-race checklist. That way there will be no disastrous surprises to short-circuit your run. Read more

Marathon Training Week 14: Heart Rate Training and Monitoring

by Karl Gruber
A key that can help you run a great marathon is finding a good way to gauge your level of cardiovascular fitness. While there are many tools to measure your fitness level and progress, one of the best is using a heart rate monitor (HRM). Read more

Marathon Training Week 13: The Value of Hard Run Workouts

by Karl Gruber
Whether you are a novice or experienced runner, consider incorporating these tough run workouts into your training schedule. Read more

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