A Guide to Race Day Nutrition and Hydration

The big day is almost here. In just about one month, you will join the ranks of those runners who can say they’ve successfully completed a marathon or half marathon. But before you earn the title Runner of Steel, there’s still plenty to be done if you want to perform your best on race day.

Have you figured out how you will fuel yourself? What you eat and drink immediately before – and particularly during – your marathon or half marathon will have a significant impact on your official time. And you can’t forget the importance of how you recover immediately afterwards. 

Read on to learn about the various on-course nutrition and hydration options, as well as post-race refreshments, available to you on race day.
During the Race
While you’re clocking up the miles, you can’t forget to keep an eye on your energy intake to ensure you have the carbohydrates and liquids you need to get through the race. Even if you’re feeling good, it is critical to stay ahead of dehydration or feelings of exhaustion.

Sports drinks, energy gels and snacks are the answer to help you replace the electrolytes you will lose through sweat. That is why we’re excited to offer runners a variety of nutrition products to help you reach your race goals:
  • Honey Stinger Energy Gels will be stationed at mile 9.9, mile 12.4 and mile 20.6. Available flavors include fruit smoothie, acai pomegranate, vanilla, chocolate, mango orange and strawberry kiwi. 
  • Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews will also be stationed at the same three locations. Available flavors include pomegranate passionfruit, cherry blossom and strawberry.
  • Herr’s salty snacks will be available at miles 24.4 and 25.4 to provide that final boost.
In addition to nutrition products, we will also have water and Nuun Endurance (citrus mango flavor) available at 19 fluid stations throughout the 26.2 mile course. Nuun Endurance is a powder blend of electrolytes and carbohydrates for long or intense workouts. This new product is optimized for the added physiological stress the body endures during long-distance and high intensity exercise. 

Remember, how much fuel you need on race day depends on your body weight and pace, as well as the weather and your sweat rate. Keep this in mind when you stop at the fluid stations to grab something! 
Immediately Post-Race 
You did it! You crossed the finish line! You’ll likely be buzzing from the excitement because you’ve just finished a marathon or half marathon! Despite what the adrenaline has you feeling, your body will be exhausted. Recovery is crucial here, and it begins with the proper nutrition and hydration to support your muscles before they give up on you. We’ve got a variety of products in the finish line chute to help you out:
We know you might be anxious to get show off your finisher medal or find your loved ones to celebrate your accomplishment, but don’t rush through the finish line chute without grabbing these goodies! Starting the recovery process immediately post-race means your body will bounce back quicker and stronger so you can still perform well at your next race. 

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