Introducing Our 2018 Official Bloggers

by Erin Carlin

December is virtually here and you know what that means. Training for the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events has officially begun for a lot of runners, including our 2018 Official Bloggers. We are excited to once again welcome a diverse group of bloggers who will document their training journeys and help to inspire other runners during the months leading up to race weekend. We hope you are just as excited to follow along!

The bloggers will publish at least one post each month on their blogs for the next six months, covering a range of topics from injury prevention and nutrition to workout playlists and much more. They will also write a guest post for this blog, so be sure to check back here often for updates.

Before you start to follow them on their journeys, let us tell you a little about our 2018 Official Bloggers.

Heather Brown
Though fitness was never a thing until her college years, health has since become a huge priority for this local AFAA certified group fitness instructor. Heather regularly shares workouts, health posts, fitness tips, her journey into motherhood and much more on her blog Lunging Through Life

Adrian Crouch
After naturally losing 100 pounds and a long battle with Lyme disease, running has become an escape for Adrian. It has helped her to find balance in all areas of life despite repercussions from the disease. It inspired this local twenty-something to detail her life and current struggles on her blog Chase Fear because she continues to chase fear one step at a time.

Monica Delmonico
Popcorner Reviews is a #geekchic lifestyle blog with fun tutorials, brunch ideas, fashion inspiration and more. This local pop-cultured, wanderlust girl gone geek looks forward to incorporating running-related content for the first time as she trains for the UPMC Half Plan Pittsburgh first half-marathon.

Tony Deluca
Tony had loved the outdoors as a kid but became restless and unhealthy in many ways as an adult. When he didn’t want to sit still any longer, Tony decided he needed to move, laced up his tennis shoes and ran his first of many miles. This local runner now chronicles his running adventures on both the trail and road on his blog The Runderful Life.

Brandi Gilbert
Once Brandi learned that running and staying active can indeed be fun, it became a huge part of her life very quickly. This thirty-something from Atlanta now details races that cover distances from the 5K to a full marathon, her pursuit of her 100th half-marathon this spring and much more on her running and lifestyle blog Funner Runner.

Chuck Hull
Chuck has been an avid runner for over six years now. Once he began to focus on more than just the run, he lost a lot of weight but gained a love for running and all things associated with it. This local charity runner now writes about what’s on his mind during a run, the run itself, races, and much more on his blog Picked Last In Gym to encourage readers to get out there and run.

Chelsea Prior
This local now calls herself a runner, but that was not always the case. Chelsea slowly fell in love with running during her weight loss journey years ago and has run over 100 races since then. Since she has no plans of stopping anytime soon, Chelsea continues to chronicle her running and love of travel on her blog Pittsburgh City Girl.

Steffany Rubel
Steff has always been a runner. Though an IT band injury quashed her dreams of running in college, she was instantly hooked on the sport she loved after she began running again in 2012. Since then, she started her blog Run Steff Run to chronicle her training and try to help others on their journey. Steff feels if she can do it, you can do it, too!

LeAnne Young 
After her twin sister had completed a marathon, LeAnne was inspired to sign up for a race herself. And as the weeks of training turned into months and the months into countless miles, she fell in love with running. This South Florida resident continues to to run for a variety of different reasons, most of which she talks about in her blog This Is My Faster

Karen Zehner
Karen believes the best way to get healthy and stay healthy is to eat as best you can and move as much as you are able. Still, you’ll never find this Georgia peach sacrificing her love of life and food in the pursuit of health and happiness. She hopes to encourage others to find a path of their own and help guide them along the way on her blog Run With K.


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