Run For A Reason: Amanda's Story

by Jordan Olander
Are you looking for a way to improve your life while improving the lives of others? Running for a reason will do the trick! Not only does running help to transform you physically, but more importantly, it transforms you mentally. Just ask Amanda Baur, a 26-year-old first-time charity runner originally from Philadelphia. 

Amanda has run six half-marathons in the past four years, but this is her first time running for charity. Amanda won’t complete her first half-marathon for charity until May 6, but she can already see a change in her training and attitude from the inspiration of running for something bigger than herself.

Amanda was an athlete in college, but after college, she lost the drive to work out. When she started to go through a hard time, she realized she needed to find a way to get through it. Amanda wanted to prove to herself that she could not only get through a tough time, but she could also accomplish anything she put her mind to. 

After pushing through the rough patch in her life, Amanda gained confidence and experience in herself - a triumph in itself. But that was not enough for Amanda. She believed she could do more and wanted to do something for others, so she did. Amanda decided that she was going to help change others’ lives with the sport that changed hers. 

Once she had her sights set on running as a part of Team Alz Starz, it was time for Amanda’s fundraising journey to begin. From the start, Amanda kept her fundraising simple and honest. She told potential donors her story via email and why she was running for a reason. She didn’t continually pressure people to donate to her cause; instead, she let them come to her if they wanted to donate. 

Social media played a huge role in Amanda’s fundraising strategy, too. She used Facebook to inform her family and friends about her campaign. Facebook also made it easy for her loved ones to share her campaign with their friends so even more people were aware of what Amanda was doing.

Amanda’s fundraising efforts have already paid off! She has gone above and beyond her fundraising minimum of $500. Amanda was humbled to see how many people wanted to support her and the Alzheimer’s Association. It was eye-opening to see how many people donated because of the impact Alzheimer’s had in their lives.

Amanda hopes to achieve a couple of things while being involved as a member of Team Alz Starz. First and foremost, she wants to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s and its impact on so many. Secondly, she hopes to show others that they can make a difference in someone else’s life just by doing something small. People often believe that they can’t make a difference unless they perform a grand gesture or donate a large sum of money. But that is not correct. Amanda wants people to know that a small donation can go a long way and a small act of kindness does not get forgotten. 

Amanda didn’t go through this fundraising journey alone; Team Alz Starz was there to provide support throughout the whole process. The charity coordinators send out a monthly newsletter that includes encouragement for runners and new fundraising ideas. The coordinators also try to connect the charity runners so they can lean on one another for fundraising ideas and training tips. Becoming a charity runner truly opens you up to a whole community of other charity runners!

Amanda is just one example of how becoming a charity runner can change your life. The Run For A Reason Charity Program presented by Bank of America was a fundraising outlet that Amanda took advantage of to better herself and others. She is making a difference in a countless number of lives and raising awareness for a cause that impacts so many.

Running for a reason is an experience that helps all charity runners grow and look at things in a different light. For more information about the Run for a Reason Charity Program presented by Bank of America or to register as a charity runner, visit

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