Run For A Reason: Caily's Story

by Jordan Olander
Have you ever felt like you were too busy to dedicate yourself to running for charity? Finding the time to do anything is a daily struggle for most people, but if you have a passion, you will find a way to make time for it. For example, you could train for a race - depending on the one you choose to participate in - and commit to fundraising for a cause close to your heart. Just ask charity runner Caily Grube.

Caily is a charity runner participating in the half-marathon in honor of Our Clubhouse. Caily is a graduate student, has a full-time job and works part-time at Our Clubhouse. Even with that busy schedule, she still makes time to train for her upcoming race and fundraise for her cause.

Caily participated in the UPMC Health Plan Pittsburgh Half Marathon last year, and afterwards realized that the 13.1 distance wasn’t extremely challenging. That is one of the reasons why she decided to add the charity component to her run this year. With each run she goes on, Our Clubhouse is always at the top of her mind.

Our Clubhouse is a non-profit organization that provides free emotional and social support to those touched by cancer in western Pennsylvania. Anyone that is living with cancer, along with their family and friends are able to go to Our Clubhouse for support. 

Caily runs as a member of the Our Clubhouse team because of the empowering people who come to the organization. She is grateful to be welcomed into the space and learn from the members’ experiences. Caily learns about the illnesses they are fighting and hears stories about life in general, an experience that leaves Caily feeling inspired everytime she leaves. Caily recalls all of the members’ strength, positivity and humor with each training run she goes on.

Our Clubhouse is the perfect charity team for Caily to run for as she already helps to coordinate all of their charity runners. She knows they are a smaller team, but with that smaller team comes a personal touch from the coordinators. 

Caily and the other charity coordinators are extremely focused on connecting with all of their runners. They are in frequent contact with runners and provide incentives for them to reach their fundraising goals. They also have an exclusive Facebook group and host events like yoga classes and a charity dinner at Mad Mex.

When running last year, Caily found herself crying tears of happiness multiple times during the race. She is left in awe after witnessing large groups of strangers come together to accomplish something awesome. Running with thousands of people she didn’t know left Caily feeling alive.

The great moments that Caily experienced during race weekend came after months of training and hard work. With her busy schedule, Caily wasn’t always able to get in her planned runs or strength training, but she kept at it, even if she was limited on time. Because she is busy, she know managing her time is necessary. Caily has a goal to fundraise $250 this year and help all of the other Our Clubhouse charity runners reach theirs, so she makes it a priority to dedicate time to successfully accomplish those goals.

For more information about the Run for a Reason Charity Program presented by Bank of America or to register as a charity runner, visit

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