Run For A Reason: Chuck’s Story

by Jordan Olander

Chuck Hull started running in 2011. He was not sure why he began but was excited that he found himself falling into a healthier, happier lifestyle. Chuck was seeing positive life changes, but to him, that was still not enough. When he discovered the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon’s Run for a Reason Charity Program presented by Bank of America in 2013, Chuck knew immediately that was the missing part. The program was something that he couldn’t wait to get involved with. 

At that time, Chuck was already registered to run his second half-marathon, so he decided to fundraise for the Mario Lemieux Foundation as part of his race journey. He wanted to make his first year fundraising for Team Lemieux both a successful and enjoyable experience. And he was pleased to have accomplished that goal! In his first year, Chuck raised over $5,800, as well as wore a dress to a Pittsburgh Penguins game and ran the race in a tutu to help promote his cause.

Chuck has continued to run for Team Lemieux since 2013 and is proud to have met his fundraising goals each year. Over the past four years, Chuck and his donors have raised approximately $13,734 for the Mario Lemieux Foundation!

In 2016, he chose to switch things up a bit by running his first full marathon for Team Lemieux. Because he was doubling the distance of his race, Chuck wanted to find an inspiring way to keep himself motivated through the entire length of the marathon. He decided to dedicate each mile to a different person. 

Chuck knew that those he chose to honor would keep him motivated to cross the finish line because each mile would mean something to Chuck or someone close to him:

  • Some of the people had undergone or were undergoing cancer treatments.
  • Some were no longer with us.
  • Some were people he had never even met.

He began feeling a strong bond with those he chose to honor and realized he was no longer running for just himself, but for these 26 other people and their loved ones. That is why he documented his experience through his “26 Miles, 26 Dedications” blog post. 

Chuck felt so connected to his “dedications” that he ran for 26 more people in 2017.

As for his 2018 plans, he said, “It will not be any different. That’s because I don’t run for just me anymore. I run for them, and I run for you, every step of the way.”

To find out more about Chuck’s annual “26 Miles, 26 Dedications” journey, visit:

And here is a link to Chuck’s CrowdRise page:

For more information about the Run for a Reason Charity Program presented by Bank of America, visit:

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