Run For A Reason: Fundraising in the Workplace

by Jordan Olander
When fundraising, many people look to family and friends as their primary donors. While family and friends are great people to go to when looking for donations, co-workers are another key group that should be included as well. 

If you think about it, many people spend around 40 hours a week at work. That is plenty of time to talk with co-workers and subtly - or not so subtly - try to fundraise for your cause. 

Fundraising at work is an easy way to raise additional funds, and there are many different ways to go about it. Below are just a few examples of ways to fundraise in the workplace.
  • Penny wars are always a fun and simple way to get everyone in the office involved. Provide a containers for each department so individuals can drop their pennies into the jars daily. The team with the most pennies at the end wins! Count the jars each month and give the winner's a small prize or reward. This could go on year-round to raise additional funds.
  • Host a chili cook-off. Leave a signup sheet in the break room for anyone to sign up if that want to make a pot of chili. The day of the chili cook-off, sell tickets to other co-workers so they can taste all of the finished products and vote. Buy or make a prize for the winner.
  • Encourage co-workers to forego eating out and bring in a packed lunch. Ask them to donate what they would have paid to go out to lunch to your cause instead.
  • Wearing professional dress to the office every day can get uncomfortable. Talk to your manager about hosting a casual dress day once a month where your co-workers can donate $5 to your cause in exchange for getting to wear jeans to work.
  • Much like the privilege of wearing jeans to work, many employees will do pretty much anything for a prime parking spot. Have co-workers donate to your cause and give the top fundraiser the prize of the best parking spot for a month. 
  • The NCAA Men's Basketball tournament is arguably the most exciting time of the year for office pools. When creating your March Madness pool, suggest that your co-workers double their buy-in so half of the money can be donated to your fundraiser.
  • Golf tournaments are perfect for workplaces and an easy way to raise a lot of money. Set a date and location for your tournament, then get the word out in your workplace. Get your co-workers to pay for a spot in the tournament and donate all of the funds to your cause.
  • Many corporations offer a matching gift program, so inquire if your organization has a program to match your charitable giving. You can have your company match fundraising dollars in any of the events above or match the total you fundraise for your cause for the whole year.
As you can see, fundraising in the workplace can be much more fun than just asking your co-workers for a donation. It is a way to bring some excitement to your work days and raise money for your cause.

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