Run for a Reason: Fundraising Events

by Jordan Olander
Interested in taking your fundraising to the next level for the Run For A Reason Charity Program presented by Bank of America? Hosting a fundraising event will do the trick. 

Any fundraising event can have a huge impact on your donations. Your fundraising event does not have to be large scale; simply getting a small group of people together in a social setting is enough to put on a successful event. Below are examples of fundraising events you can host to raise money for your charity without blowing your budget.
  • Host a fundraiser with a local business. Some businesses will allow you to host an event, and they will then donate a portion of the night’s sales to your charity.
  • Host a happy hour at your favorite bar. Ask for a $20 per person cover charge with half of the money going to your charity and half going towards drinks. You can ask local businesses if they will donate gift cards, tickets or gift baskets that can be used to auction off to the highest bidder at your event.
  • Host a gathering by yourself or with other charity runners. Make it interesting by announcing it’s a theme party inspired by casino night, holiday, dessert, masquerade, chili cook-off, pasta party, etc. Take a brief moment, either as a group or individually, and let people at the event know about your fundraising goals and ask for their support.
  • Auctioning or raffling off eligible bachelors or bachelorettes can be fun, entertaining and possibly the start of a new romance! Participants are asked to bid or buy tickets for a chance to win a date with a volunteer bachelor or bachelorette of their choice. You could take it one step further by asking local restaurants and businesses to donate or sponsor date packages.
  • Gather up some family and friends and put on a charity fashion show. Ask your models to bring their own creative outfits and suggest a few outfit changes during the show. Sell tickets for the show, and consider adding a snack bar or raffling off gift baskets to raise additional funds.
  • Host a game night where your friends and family can enjoy some good ‘ole fashioned board games! Choose a variety of games and maybe even make it a monthly event. Have everyone pay a small fee to play and sell snacks or refreshments.
  • Ask a local bar or restaurant to let you use their space for a trivia tournament. Charge an admission fee for trivia teams who want to put their knowledge to the test. You could also ask the manager to donate a portion of the night’s sales to your charity.
  • Hold a bake sale at a location where you are sure to have a big crowd. Make your favorite baked goods and ask loved ones to make some for you, too. Tell everyone the proceeds will go towards your fundraiser. 
  • Invite friends and family for a balloon or lantern release and let them know why you’re raising money. Create a fee for each balloon or lantern and put out a general donation jar so people can make additional contributions to during the ceremony.
Remember, a fundraising event is an easy way to get people together, inform them of the cause you are passionate about and raise money to support that cause. Use the provided ideas to have fun and boost your donations!

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