Stay Protected and Connected While You Train

by Guardian Protection Services
At Guardian, we love anything that improves the quality of life for the people in the communities we serve. So when we had the opportunity to serve as the Official Smart Home Security Partner of the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, it was a no-brainer. Health and security just go together. 

When you leave your house for a run, it can feel like a mini-vacation from the stress of everyday life. You stretch your arms and legs, check the laces on your favorite running shoes, and push play on your most motivating playlist. Chances are, home security is the last thing on your mind. 

Running may make you feel strong and invincible, but any time you leave your home for an extended period of time, you and everything that matters most are vulnerable. 

In 2018, thousands ran the UPMC Health Plan / UPMC Sports Medicine Pittsburgh Marathon 5K, and the average finishing time was about 33 minutes. Assume that during a training session — and definitely on race day — these runners spent at least an hour away from home. If they are training for longer runs, that time away can jump to three hours or more. 

Then consider that it takes less than five minutes for a house fire to consume an entire home.  

This is a scary thought, but you aren’t powerless! There are steps you can take to help secure your home and family. So let those feel-good endorphins do their work; as one of nation’s leading smart home security providers, we have some recommendations to give you peace of mind while you run. 

Run like There’s Always Someone at Home
You may have felt the uneasiness of leaving your house unattended during a long training run, but when you have a professionally monitored smart home security system, it’s like someone’s always home.

Not all systems are created equal, so what should you look for in a smart home security solution? Aim for the home security trifecta: 24/7 professional monitoring, professional installation, and best-in-class equipment.  

Professional Monitoring 
When you’re out for a run, you’re preoccupied. The music is pumping and your mind wanders. You may find yourself miles away from home on foot. In that situation, it’s no good just getting an alert that says, “Hey, just FYI — a stranger is lurking outside your house. Good luck with that.”

When you choose a security system with 24/7 professional monitoring, someone is always ready to help. With Guardian’s highly-trained, certified protection specialists on the job, not only will you be notified in the event of an emergency, but our team will jump into action to help you get the assistance you need.

Professional Installation
There are plenty of DIY products out there… But do you really want to DIY? When you go with a company like Guardian who does it all — professional installation, maintenance and monitoring — you don’t have to disrupt your training schedule to figure it out on your own. Leave the install to the experts and you’ll feel confident it’s getting done right — no sweat. 

Also, take advantage of your consultation pre-install. There may be options available to you that you wouldn’t have even considered. For example, when you leave for a run, are you more likely to come and go through the garage? Let your tech know, and they can set you up with a garage door sensor you can control remotely. 

State-of-the-Art Equipment
People take health and fitness seriously. You can see it in the clothing they choose to protect their bodies and devices they use to track their progress. When you run, you feel a little safer knowing the sneakers you’ve chosen won’t cause you to slip or the reflective gear you’re wearing will make you visible while running at night. 

The same thought and care should go into the equipment you choose for home security. The market is flooded with smart home security devices, but they aren’t all the same quality. It would take forever to sift through it all, and you have running to do. Luckily, Guardian tests each piece of equipment for you to find the best of the best and then fits you with the right system for your unique needs. Runners, rejoice! 

Get Alerts Anywhere You Are
Being out and about doesn’t have to mean taking your finger off the pulse of your home life. If you choose a smart home security system that includes an integrated mobile app, you can maintain a direct line to what’s going on at home while you run. With our Guardian app, you’ll never ruin your run by worrying whether you locked the door, left the garage open or forgot to arm your system. 

Even better, when you add a video doorbell to your home automation system, you don’t have to wonder who’s dropping by when no one’s home. Your smartphone will let you know if that package arrives while you’re hitting the pavement (and show you in HD if the delivery person is a little rough with your order).

Not too keen on bringing your phone? Your Apple Watch can also keep you connected to your smart home on the go. When you link your Apple Watch to the My Guardian mobile app, you can track more than just your heart rate. 

In Case you’re Out Running for More than Five Minutes…
Remember that scary fire statistic? No home security system is complete without a monitored fire alarm system. Monitored smoke and heat detectors will notify a monitoring center that a potential fire may be occurring. If you have Guardian, the fire department will be notified of the alarm thanks to our 24/7 monitoring center, even if you’re deep in the running zone and miss an alert.

Reconsider the Fake Rock
You probably know at least one person who still hides a spare key under their doormat, or a fake rock. It may seem harmless but try to avoid leaving spare keys outside your home. What might seem like a stealthy spot to you could be incredibly obvious to a would-be home invader. 

If the idea of running with keys in your pocket sounds terrible, fear not. A keyless smart lock is a great addition to any home automation solution and will ensure you never get jabbed with a key while jogging again.

Don’t Advertise that Your House is Empty
For your safety, keep your training schedule on a need-to-know basis and only share the logistics with your loved ones and running buddies. Home invaders use social media updates to target empty homes, so don’t publicly post the times when you are going to be away. 

Apply the same principle to any long trip away from home, including race day. As tempting as it may be to immediately post that action shot of you crossing the finish line, hold off until you are back home. 

Are You Convinced Yet? Good, Because We’ve Got Giveaways!
Runners, there’s some great stuff coming your way. Guardian is offering DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon events participants a free HD Video Doorbell, so don’t miss out! Get more details here

Plus, we’re giving away a Guardian Protection Services home security system to one lucky runner in the Guardian service area! Click here to complete a Google Form for your chance to be entered into the random drawing. Please note you must live in the Greater Pittsburgh Area to be eligible to win. 

We can’t wait to cheer you on during race weekend. In the meantime, get out there and train with peace of mind!

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