Take the Corporate Challenge: Pack Up + Go Story

by Lillian Rafson
Explore more + enjoy the ride. This is my favorite core value at Pack Up + Go

In our work as travel agents, this phrase reminds us to expand our travelers’ horizons and to encourage them to pursue new adventures on their trips. However, the FedEx Ground Pittsburgh Corporate Challenge has given these words new meaning within our office. Embracing this team-wide wellness initiative, we each have signed up for a DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend event. 

On a personal level, I began running after I graduated college. I completed three half-marathons, having signed up for each while I was in a major personal or professional rut. Whether I was feeling unsatisfied with my career or recovering from a severe illness, these races provided a long-term, quantifiable goal that I could work toward and achieve. Thirteen miles provided a lofty, but still attainable, challenge.

In the weeks leading up to the races, a training schedule gave more order to my days. The endorphins helped me maintain my motivation, and the long runs tested my mental stamina. When I learned about the Corporate Challenge, I immediately thought back to the races I had run and what I had gained from each. I instantly knew this would be a great fit for my team of eight employees.

Now that our whole team is invested in the Corporate Challenge, I’ve discovered even more benefits to this type of long-term training and goal-setting. On a surface level, lunchtime runs give us all a chance to connect and chat with one another away from our desks. It’s no secret that breaking up the day with a quick workout is a great way to rejuvenate and refresh — plus, we all find ourselves with more energy in the afternoons. 

I’ve also found a deeper benefit. Day to day, the core business of Pack Up + Go binds us as a team and gives us a common goal. With the Corporate Challenge, we now have a new thread woven through our office, encouraging us to achieve another common goal completely separate from our professional work but still shared by our whole team. 

We’re all running the race for personal reasons. For some in the office, this race will be their first. For others, it will be their longest race. And some of us are working towards a PR. No matter the motivation, we all are committed to encouraging one another and holding ourselves and each other accountable to cross the finish line on May 5. 

Most importantly, through our commitment to racing as a team, we’re all learning to explore more and enjoy the ride together. 

Lillian Rafson is the Founder and CEO of Pack Up + Go, a surprise travel agency that plans three-day weekend trips around the United States. Pack Up + Go revolutionized travel by incorporating the element of surprise to encourage the pursuit of wonder, spontaneity and exploration in each of our travelers! Because who says surprises are just for kids?

Looking for a way to create a culture of health and wellness in your workplace? Join the FedEx Ground Pittsburgh Corporate Challenge today! Whether it’s by running the DICK'S Sporting Good Pittsburgh Marathon or competing in their first 5K, the Challenge will encourage your employees to reach their wellness goals – one run at a time. Contact Caroline Fitzgerald at for more information.

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