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Hi everyone! It’s Steff from again and I want to officially welcome you to the taper! Now, for a lot of people, the taper can bring about some weird side effects. Some people get weird phantom pains, get really cranky and most of all EAT ALL THE FOOD! While doing all of this is perfectly normal, you need to resist some of the taper crazies. Luckily, Panera Bread has a way to help!

Panera Bread is 100% clean. That means no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors and no colors from artificial sources.  This is not just for sandwiches and soups, but for bakery items too! Even the Panera at Home products that you can find at the grocery store is 100% clean. This is food you can feel good about tapering with!

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After a particularly rough taper craving day, I decided to treat my husband to a Panera Bread dinner. Hey, he deals with my crazy tapering self, I can treat him to dinner. We went to my local restaurant and it took us forever to make a decision! My tapering stomach wanted to try everything.  I ended up with a Mac and Cheese bread bowl and a strawberry smoothie. He got the Pick 2 with a half Steak and White Cheddar sandwich with Broccoli and Cheese Soup.

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Let me tell you, if you have never had the Mac and Cheese at Panera Bread you are missing out! It is so creamy and with the bread bowl the cheese soaks right in! There was no shame in my game, I ate the whole thing! The strawberry smoothie is my staple order. I get one almost every trip. It is so refreshing and a perfect way to rehydrate. 

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My husband didn’t say a word while eating his sandwich. He was really impressed by the flavor in the horseradish. He said it was so fresh and the pickled onions were a nice touch to even everything out. Plus the Broccoli and Cheese soup is a must when eating at Panera Bread!

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I will be the first to admit I frequent Panera Bread a lot. Especially because my local restaurant has a drive thru! It is the perfect spot to stop after a long run. I also love how much they adapt the menu. The seasonal salads are always so fresh and offer flavors I usually wouldn’t try! I cannot wait to try the Southwest Chili Lime Ranch salad on my next trip! 

Remember guys, the taper is mean to help build back up your body after a long training cycle. Make sure you treat your body right! Get some delicious and clean options and your local Panera Bread! Oh, and make sure you get yourself a cookie. You deserve it!

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