What Happens When Training Strays Off Schedule

by Heather Brown
Hi everyone! My name is Heather and I write for Lunging Through Life. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, and while I enjoy visiting other cities, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I am a mom of two little ones – Annabelle, two years old, and Nolan, nine months old – who keep me on my toes. I really enjoy working out and running, and am excited to be running the half marathon this year as a DICK’S Sporting Goods ambassador. It is my third time doing the UPMC Health Plan Pittsburgh Half Marahon, and I’m aiming for a PR! 

With a PR in mind, I came up with a training plan that would work for me. I couldn’t have one that was super long, and needed one that included running three times a week. With two kids and working part time, it’s hard to sync up times to get out and run! I do rely on my treadmill a lot, but I also enjoy taking the kids for runs and getting out for solo long runs. 

However, I’m not naïve enough to think that training will be perfect. Things happen. Appointments come up. So today, I wanted to talk about what happens when training strays off schedule (since I know I won’t have a perfect training cycle with two kids) and how to get back to it.

Like I said, things come up and you have no choice but to push runs, skip runs, rearrange schedules, etc. With this awful flu season, I bet someone you know has dealt with that and had to push back on training as well! When I began writing this post, for instance, I was only one week into training and had the stomach flu! How’s that for a start to training? ;) 

So, what CAN you do when training just doesn’t go as planned?
  1. Relax. Give yourself grace. If there is one thing I have learned since being a mom, it’s that we are really bad at giving ourselves grace! Missing one or two runs in the midst of training isn’t going to ruin it. So take a deep breath, realize things will be okay, and then…
  2. Readjust your training if possible. If you are running three days a week, maybe you can push back your running days by a day this week. If this is a long run, try to get it in the next day. Or next week, make the long run a compromise between the two miles. Last week, I had to miss my four-miler, but I just brushed it off and picked up my next scheduled run when I felt better. 
  3. Focus on your goal. If you’re goal is speed, then make sure you stick to speed training. If it’s just the distance, focus on getting in easy runs. 
  4. Wake up early or stay up late. This is hard, but it seems my kids are as unpredictable as the weather these days. Some days, I want to go out for a run but just can’t get them out. If I know this ahead of time, I’ll wake up early and get my run in on the treadmill. If things came up throughout the day, I’ll try to do it after bedtime.  
  5. Focus on moving forward, not backward. Move past a bad day. Don’t dwell on missing a run or two, but instead focus on the runs you have in front of you. Push a little more on those. In the end, you won’t even remember what went wrong during training because you’ll be SO excited to have that medal in hand.
Good luck everyone on chasing your dreams! It CAN be done, with or without kids. You just need to have that goal in mind and work hard for it. 

Heather is one of our 2018 #10YearsRunning Official Bloggers. You can follow along as she trains for the UPMC Health Plan Pittsburgh Half Marathon on her blog Lunging Through Life, as well as on Instagram.
Heather Brown
2018 Official Blogger

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