All About the Courses

Last updated: Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Everything you need to know about the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon and FedEx Ground Pittsburgh Marathon Relay course, UPMC Health Plan Pittsburgh Half Marathon course, UPMC Health Plan/UPMC Sports Medicine Pittsburgh 5K course, Toyota Pittsburgh Kids Marathon course, and the Rachael Ray Nutrish Pittsburgh Pet  Walk course. 

Course Amenities

UPMC Sports Medicine will provide medical support along the race course and at the start/finish lines. Medical staff will be available to support participants in need at 18 medical aid stations along the course. Each tent will be equipped with a team of medical personnel, ambulances and emergency and first aid supplies. Participants should familiarize themselves with the locations prior to race day.
  • Mile 2.0 - Corner of 26th Street & Penn Avenue
  • Mile 4.4 - Corner of North Commons & Federal Street – North Side
  • Relay 5.4 First Relay Exchange – Corner of North Shore & Chuck Noll Way – North Shore
  • Mile 8.1 - 1401 West Carson Street – parking lot of Complicon – South Side
  • Relay 9.1 Second Relay Exchange – Carson St. past Smithfield Street Bridge before intersection of Carson Street and Arlington Avenue across from Station Square parking lot of T. Station.
  • Mile 10.5 - East Carson Street between 19th and 20th Streets at city parking lot – South Side
  • Mile 12H - Fifth Avenue & Marion Street – half marathon - Uptown
  • Mile 12.5 - Corner of Forbes and McKee Place in front of Eureka Bank - Oakland
  • Mile 14.0 - Corner of Fifth Avenue and St. James Street – Shadyside
  • Relay 15.6 Third Relay Exchange – Fifth Avenue at Mellon Park prior to Penn Ave. – Point Breeze
  • Mile 16.5 - Corner of Penn Avenue & Carnegie Place – Point Breeze
  • Mile 17.8 - Corner of Frankstown Ave & N. Lang Ave past Homewood House - Homewood
  • Mile 19.1 - Corner of East Liberty Blvd & Negley Run – East Liberty
  • Mile 20.2 - Corner of North Negley & Bryant Street – Highland Park
  • Relay 22 Fourth relay exchange – Corner of Baum Blvd & East Liberty Avenue - Bloomfield
  • Mile 23.1 - Corner of Liberty Avenue & 40th Street across from BP Station - Bloomfield
  • Mile 24.4 - Corner of 26th Street & Liberty Avenue – Mobile Station – Strip District
  • Finish Line-  Blvd of the Allies and Stanwix Street - Parking lot
Medical Information on Participant Race Number
It is critical that you fill out the back of your race number with your emergency contact information prior to the race. The information will assist the medical staff, as they assess your condition and locate your emergency contact.
Fluid stations are located along the course approximately one to two miles apart. Each fluid station consists of the following amenities:
  • Restroom facilities
  • Gatorade (lemon-lime flavor)
  • Water
Fluid Station Locations
  • Mile 2 - Penn Avenue between 27th & 26th Streets
  • Mile 3.7 - Cedar Avenue Between Avery and Pressley – North Side
  • Relay 5.3 - North Shore Drive & Tony Dorsett – North Side
  • Mile 6.2 - Fulton Between Ridge and Western Avenue – North Side
  • Mile 8 - 1625 West Carson Street at Onala Club – South Shore
  • Relay 9.1 Carson Street & Smithfield Street Bridge near Station Square parking lot
  • Mile 9.9 - East Carson Street Between 7th and 9th at Cupples Stadium – South Side
  • Mile 10.6 - East Carson Street Between 20th and Birmingham Bridge – South Side (full & half)
  • Mile 11.8H - Fifth Avenue near Dinwiddie St. - Uptown
  • Mile 12.4 - 3417 Forbes Ave. in front of Arby’s - Oakland
  • Mile 13.5 - 4802 Fifth Avenue in front of WQED - Shadyside
  • Mile 15.1 - Fifth Avenue & Emerson – Shadyside
  • Relay 15.5 - Fifth Avenue & Beechwood Blvd. Mellon Park - Shadyside
  • Mile 16.5 - 7328 Penn Avenue – Point Breeze
  • Mile 17.7 - 7130 Frankstown Ave in front of Homewood House - Homewood
  • Mile 18.8 - East Liberty Blvd after turn on Frankstown Avenue – East Liberty
  • Mile 19.8 - 1035 North Highland Avenue at Hampton – Highland Park
  • Mile 20.6 - North Negley prior to Stanton Avenue – Highland Park
  • Relay 22 - Baum Blvd. between S. Aiken Avenue and Liberty Avenue – Friendship/Bloomfield
  • Mile 22.2  - 5135 Liberty Ave and Evaline - Bloomfield
  • Mile 23.1 - Corner of Liberty Ave & 40th Street – Bloomfield
  • Mile 24.4 - Liberty Avenue between 27th & 26th – Strip District
  • Mile 25.4 - Liberty Avenue between 12th & 11th - Downtown
Gels, Proteins and Other Refreshments
Additionally, Honey Stinger Energy Gels are available on the course at miles 9.9, 12.4 and 20.6, while Herr’s salty snacks are provided at miles 24.4 and 25.4. 
Familiarize yourself with the locations and offerings at each fluid station and prepare for slower traffic in these areas.

Saturday Race Courses

UPMC Health Plan/UPMC Sports Medicine Pittsburgh 5K Run
Enjoy 3.1 miles of city streets, cross over one of the many beautiful bridges in Pittsburgh and reach your goal at the official DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon finish line in the heart of downtown. 
Toyota Pittsburgh Kids Marathon Course
The one-mile Toyota Pittsburgh Kids Marathon is a wonderful way for kids (and their families) to participate in the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events.
Rachael Ray Nutrish Pittsburgh Pet Walk
The one-mile Pet Walk will take place at Point State Park as part of Saturday's Family Day.

Sunday Race Courses

DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon
The Marathon course provides a 26.2 mile tour of Pittsburgh the best way we know how . . . on foot! With 24 miles of riverfront trails, beautiful parks, historic attractions and home to 90 neighborhoods, the ‘Burgh is a great place to run!
UPMC Health Plan Pittsburgh Half Marathon Course
Run over Pittsburgh's three rivers, across bridges with amazing views of the city skyline, and travel through unique neighborhoods lined with spectators and entertainment that showcases Pittsburgh's history and diversity.
FedEx Ground Pittsburgh Marathon Relay
The FedEx Ground Pittsburgh Marathon Relay splits the 26.2 mile course into five legs of varying distances.  With miles of riverfront trails, beautiful parks, historic attractions and home to 90 neighborhoods, the ‘Burgh is a great place to run!