Karl Gruber

Karl Gruber
Karl Gruber has been a runner for 35+ years, and has logged over 50,000 miles of running. He has completed 78 marathons and 2 Half Iron Man triathlons. In 1996-’97, Gruber successfully ran and completed 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise money and awareness for leukemia research. He is the author of the book Running For Their Lives, and he continues to run on a daily basis for his health, wellbeing and sanity. 

Why the Half or Full Marathon?

by Karl Gruber
Having been a part of the marathon running community for so long - and continuously writing about running a half or full marathon - got coach Karl Gruber thinking, questioning really. Why these particular distances? What exactly is it that draws people to run nonstop for 13.1 or 26.2 miles? Read more

The Wall

by Karl Gruber
Almost every marathoner has at some point in time hit the wall. It is not the most fun subject to discuss, but it's even less fun to experience. Because coach Karl Gruber can relate to hitting the wall all too well, he wants to discuss why something so figurative can be experienced so literally. Read more

Reboot Your Running for the Summer

by Karl Gruber
While running can be done anywhere, at any time, many runners limit their running to when the weather is warm and pleasant. Limiting running only to the days with perfect weather is, well - limiting! With the arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere, now is a great time to reboot your running. Read more

Moving Up From the Half to Full Marathon

by Karl Gruber
One of the beautiful things about running is that once one goal is completed, there is a natural desire to move on to a bigger and more challenging goal. This decision to increase your race distance really does seem like a natural progression, at least from coach Karl Gruber's perspective. Read more

Off-Season Training and Diet

by Karl Gruber
Now is an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to handle off-season training and diet. Coach Karl Gruber calls the off-season that time period in which you have completed your biggest running goal of the season but have not yet decided your next long distance race. Read more

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