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Proper Hydration and Nutrition

by Karl Gruber
As a long-time marathon runner and now a running coach, I have found one of the biggest learning curves for runners is how to properly hydrate and ingest proper nutrition. You must use your training to find the right balance of nutrition and hydration that will keep you running well on race day. Read more

Meet the 2019 Official Bloggers

by DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon
This year's team of Official Bloggers will document their training journeys, share tips and tricks, and help encourage you as you keep MOVING toward the start line. They may range in age, gender, location, background and more, but they all share the same goal - to get you pumped for race weekend! Read more

Finding Your Flow

by Karl Gruber
Though the marathon is a mighty feat of running, it is worth taking it on because it will change your life for the better in so many ways! One beautiful benefit is that it will help you find your "flow" or get you into "The Zone." Read more

Take the Corporate Challenge: Robin's Story

by Robin Henry
I didn't truly believe wellness programs could help people adopt and maintain healthy behaviors until I was the one making changes and reaping the benefits. Chevron and the Corporate Challenge provided the right resources, motivation and social support to help me lead a healthier, active lifestyle. Read more

In The Long Run, It's Worth It!

by Karl Gruber
Almost every runner that has trained for and completed a full marathon has sworn, "I will never do one of these again!" Coach Karl Gruber knows why... RUNNING A MARATHON IS HARD! Still, it's important to remember why you chose a marathon in the first place and the many benefits of running. Read more

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