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Five Running Myths Debunked

by Courtney Poullas
Now that you are knee-deep into spring race training, Official Blogger Courtney Poullas knows you've probably read a lot about running and have received a lot of training advice. With so much information floating around, you're bound to get confused! Follow along as she debunks five running myths. Read more

Meet the Elites: Katy Jermann

by Katy Jermann
Running isn't a solo sport for Team USA Minnesota pro runner Katy Jermann. She and her husband Tyler have observed that everything they give to the running community comes back to them in an even more powerful way. It's the running community that gives life meaning and makes training purposeful. Read more

How to Taper Properly and Why it Matters

by Karl Gruber
Coach Karl Gruber knows you want to hammer out those miles during training, but don't forget to respect your body's need to heal, recover and regenerate. Learning how to taper during the final weeks and days of your training is extremely important so you can do your best come race day! Read more

Go the Distance with the FedEx Ground Pittsburgh Marathon Relay

by FedEx Ground
A lot runners will tell you the reason they love running is because they can do it solo and find motivation from within. However, running can become an exciting team sport when you participate as part of a group! Learn all about it as Team Where's Marco shares their race journey! Read more

Five Tips for Meal Planning During Race Training

by Joannah Konecny, NuGo Nutrition Nutritionist
Planning out your meals and nutrition strategies may be just as important as planning out your training schedule in preparation for race day! Viewing your nutrition habits as a lifestyle, rather than as a training diet, will help you establish sustainable nutrition practices. Read more

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