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Itís Only Cooler if Youíre Standing Still: How to Dress for Winter Running Success

Cold weather running gear
by Dick's Pro Tips
Dressing properly could help you thrive in any kind of weather. Some runners run hot, others run cool; some sweat a lot, others hardly at all. This is to say that the first order of business is dress for your comfort, not someone elseís Read more

DICKíS Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon Charity Program to Hit $10 Million Milestone in 2017

by Karen Price
P3R will celebrate a noteworthy milestone during the 2017 DICKíS Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon season: breaking the $10 million mark raised for charity. Read more

Celebrate the Start of Training Season at Kickoff Run

Kickoff Training Run
by Karen Price
Saturday's Kick-off Training Run marks the start of the 17-week training for the 9th DICKíS Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, scheduled for Sunday, May 7, 2017. Read more

Marathon Training Week 7: Most Important Part of Training? Have fun!

by Karl Gruber
While it is always important to keep sight of the finish line in your mindís eye, one of the more important things that you need to remember during training is to Ė have fun! Read more

Marathon Training Week 6: How to Fuel the Long Run

by Karl Gruber
Many runners try to cut their calorie intake as their mileage goes up, only to bonk on their long runs because their body ran out of fuel. The key is eating the correct types of food, and supplying your muscles with enough calories to fuel you through the long run. Read more

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