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Hard Workouts to Improve Lactic-Acid Threshold

by Karl Gruber
Coach Karl Gruber knows lactic acid may not be the main reason for post-marathon soreness, but it still is a contributor to soreness. If you would like to improve your lactate threshold, shorter, harder workouts like a one-mile race could help to improve your body's capacity to use it for fuel. Read more

Marathon Done? Start Again!

by Karl Gruber
Soon after completing a half or full marathon, the majority of runners get the itch to do the whole thing over. Coach Karl Gruber encourages you to get back at it to maintain your physical fitness level and continuing to enjoy the runner lifestyle and camaraderie of the running community. Read more

How to Deal With the Post-Race Blues

by Karl Gruber
Well, you did it! Yes, that marathon or half marathon is now in your rear view mirror. While the feeling of satisfaction comes any time you conquer the beast known as the full or half marathon, coach Karl Gruber says you should also expect the post-race blues after every race. Read more

How a Race Course is Measured

by Karl Gruber
Anyone who has run a race wearing a GPS to record their stats, including run distance, will swear up, down and backwards that the course was too long. Coach Karl Gruber's piece of advice is to not stress over what your GPS says about the length of the race course. Read more

Race Day Do's and Don'ts

by Brandi Gilbert
Over the past few years, Official Blogger Brandi Gilbert has lived and learned a lot through her race day experiences. While she cannot tell you everything to do during race week, a few "Do's and Don'ts" are always a good thing to remember while prepping for your big race. Read more

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