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Five Ways to Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

by Blue Buffalo
With approximately 60 million American households with at least one dog and 47 million with at least one cat, there should be no shortage of pet pampering today. Here are five fun ways to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day for all you runners with a canine companion. Read more

The Value of Joining a Running Club

by Karl Gruber
Whether you are planning on running your first half marathon or your 20th marathon, joining a running club can help you reach your race goals and keep you motivated along the way. Read more

Staying Motivated During Your Training Cycle

by Brandi Gilbert
With race day coming up in less than three months, Official Blogger Brandi Gilbert doesn't want all her hard work to go to waste. She is making sure to stay focused and on track, so check out her tips to stay motivated during training so you're ready to crush your goals! Read more

Meet the Elites: Josh Izewski

by Josh Izewski
Josh Izewski, a pro runner with On ZAP Endurance, plans to use his home-field advantage to earn a personal record at this year's USATF Half Marathon Championships. Read more

Your Personal Story and Journey to the Marathon

by Karl Gruber
All marathon runners have their own story, but it is running the marathon when these different journeys lead to the common experience of overcoming the seemingly impossible feat of running 26.2 miles non-stop. To coach Karl Gruber, that is a beautiful thing! Read more

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